Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

by venitha

I'm smooshing water toys into my suitcase when a key turns in the lock. Seconds later, I've claimed my familiar spot in Jim's arms.

"My God! Home alone!"

But not for long. The birthday girl and her mom ditched us tonight to put the finishing touches on Sentosa, and Jim and I enjoyed entire minutes alone together before our bookclub descended, complete with good Asian dessert (thanks, Yoong Han!), which left me so shocked I forgot to take a picture! Don't worry; I'll track down the bean-free marvel and write all about it next week.

In the meantime, the girls (that would be Venitha, Valerie, and now-9-year-old and vastly more sophisticated Kalyn) ditch Jim and head tomorrow to the tropical paradise of Phuket for poolside lounging, gibbon ogling, and - oh, yeah, my favorite! - shopping.

Don't worry. Jim will catch up with us on Friday, in plenty of time for Thai massages, wicked spicy food, and one exceedingly cool reggae bar.

Back on Monday.