Singapore Adventure

Monday, July 17, 2006

Great Gummy Gobs
by venitha

"Cherries! From U.S.!" the hawker at my favorite fruit stand in Singapore regularly greets me. It's been a year, and he still hasn't learned that I will buy his mangoes and his rambutan, his longan and his mangosteen, but never the cherries and grapes so common and inexpensive in my home country. No, I'm saving those for life beyond the confines of Singapore; as a sweet welcome home to Colorado this summer, we've indulged in pound after pound of luscious red strawberries. Mmmm... with chocolate.

Turn about is fair play, of course, and we laughed at my mother-in-law's offer to take us to our hometown's newly-opened Asian buffet. No, thank you. Instead we've been eating our way around the rest of the world: Italian pizza, Lebanese falafel, Mexican burritos, fajitas, and oh-so-American steak and corn-on-the-cob.

The food(?) I was happiest to stumble across at the vast new grocery store (My! What big aisles you have!) near our Colorado home is , which is unavailable in Singapore. I intend to chew great gummy gobs Valley-Girl-style, mouth open, noisily smacking and snapping and blowing enormous bubbles as I enjoy another item unavailable in Singapore and happily purchased this week: the unauthorized biography of .