Singapore Adventure

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Top Ten of the Top End: Quotes
by venitha

Quotes of note from our whirlwind weekend in Australia's :
  • "No worries." The Australian response to just about everything. I love this country.
  • "You're on the wrong side of the road."
    "Sorry, lah."
    No worries; we only had this conversation once, and no damage was done, though we did lose a game of chicken.
  • "The wipers still work." We'd be so rich we'd have been able to stay in Australia if we had one of those small fat $2 coins for every time one of us turned on the windshield wipers instead of the turn signal.
  • "That's the best tip ever!" The Cooinda Lodge receptionist when I gave her a Tim Tam.
  • "Must taste like shit." Our Yellow Waters Cruise guide's explanation for why the swim all over the crocs while the other waterfowl (and sane humans) keep a safe distance.
  • "No speed limit totally makes up for having to drive."
  • "This may be missing the point of statehood." Comment in an NT paper regarding surveys showing that most Territorians want the Northern Territory to be called, well, the Northern Territory when/if it becomes a state.
  • "Why not steal something good?"
    " Like what?"
    Darwin's cuisine is heavily influenced by nearby Asia, and the Singaporean contribution to the Mindil Beach Sunset Market's dessert menu is an iced kacang. We opted for a crepe instead.
  • "All hail the great parking goddess!" In spite of our excessive use of the windshield wipers, we both quickly mastered driving on the left and negotiated roundabouts with ease. I even parallel parked!
  • "Now where's the damned iced coffee? I'm lost without it!" Poor Jim had to go in to work today after our red-eye flight home to Singapore.

    That's a termite mound in the middle of the advertisement. Creepy crawly close-ups still to come.