Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Oompa-Loompa: Iced Kacang
by venitha

Iced kacang's redeeming quality: A tasty and colorful snowcone.

Iced kacang's not-so-redeeming qualities: Snot topping Creamed corn topping Not peach topping Unidentifiable flavor topping and a bed of the same scary stuff atop the cendol: green worms, black cubes, and red beans.

This iced kacang was advertised as w/durian, so we dug suspiciously for the king of fruits, to no avail. I finally asked the auntie manning the stall and was informed that the topping was durian syrup! Wah lan! The next words out of my mouth were even more shocking: One bowl of durian syrup, please!

No one had yet insulted our iced kacang's topping beyond the obvious: What is that? Confronted with an entire bowl, however, the rotten/burned/old sock fragrance was unmistakable, and I was forgiven for having omitted durian from the conga line of fresh fruits that had brightened our breakfast table.