Singapore Adventure

Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Challenge
by venitha

Dawood, our kind and constantly smiling condo guard, keeps telling me, "Now I've met your husband's family. It's time for your family."

"They're my family, too," I assured him the first time he said this. "My mother, my brother, my sister, as well." But I have since dropped this tack, lest he get the wrong idea: that we are from Appalachia and not just very close in heart.

It occurs to me now that he is issuing a challenge to my family, an appropriately-timed challenge now that, along with the regular season, our football pool is over and our weekly contest and trash talk have come to an end. I am victorious in the football pool, though I have to share with my brother-in-law my Supreme Football Goddess title, the cash prize, and the bragging rights, all of which are little compensation for the depressing 4-12 Packer season.

Major compensation, however, would be a family visit, including an in-person pay-off of some international gambling debts. I'd even accept Singapore dollars if they were delivered by hand. Heck, if the Bears win the superbowl, I'll buy your airline ticket, Dad.