Singapore Adventure

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Avago Jackets
by venitha

Avago recently gave us jackets with its spiffy new logo. I originally found the choice of jackets to be fairly amusing in Singapore, where one never needs one, but I now find myself, like many of my co-workers, wearing it around the office, where the air-con is always set on arctic. It's an odd reversal to then take my jacket off before heading outside.

At home in our condo, I gaze out the windows at incessant rain and overcast skies which belie cooler temperatures; I long for sweatpants and long sleeves in spite of the heat. To accommodate my new wardrobe, I'm indulging myself with a lower setting on our own air-con and am thankful that I don't pay the bills around this place. Energy crisis be damned. The 2006 Venitha incarnation will no longer machine gun the tide, so to speak, though I doubt I'll ever be comfortable discarding aluminum cans.

I wonder if Yoong Han, a Singaporean co-worker, packed his shiny new Avago jacket along with every long-sleeved shirt he owns for his current business trip to Colorado. By all accounts, it's been an uncommonly mild winter in Colorado, but still Yoong Han complained to me of the cold and of static electricity. I laughed about the static; many young Singaporean men, Yoong Han included, have spiky moussed hairdos that you'd think were generated in a frenzied male bonding bout of carpet shuffling and zapping.

I asked Yoong Han if he had a hat and mittens, and he said that he did, but that the first time he went out in his hat, a complete stranger shouted to him, "Hey! It's not that cold!" His resulting chagrin has conquered the cold: he's no longer wearing the hat.