Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Holiday Top Ten
by jima

Top ten reasons that having family visit is better than working:

10) Family: Travel to swank beach resort in Indonesia. Work: Travel to polluted industrial park in Taiwan.

9) Family: Eat at nice restaurants. Work: Eat at "Burp".

8) Common family activity: swimming. Common work activity: listening to phone conferences in Mandarin. Note: I know how to swim, but I don't understand Mandarin.

7) Family: Play with cute nephew. Work: Look at cute photo of nephew.

6) Family: lots of cameras and even more great photo ops. Work: lots of cameras but nothing to photograph.

5) Family: Time to read fun novels. Work: Not even enough time to read work-related e-mails.

4) Family: Right there when I wake up! Work: Commute across town every morning.

3) Family: Lots of hugs and laughter. Work: Not much laughter lately, and NO hugging (not so bad, actually).

2) Family: Treats contain chocolate. Work: Treats contain pork floss/beans/durian. [Ed. note: Work treats make excellent photo opportunities.]

1) Family: I'm a genius for being able to communicate with a cab driver. Work: I'm an idiot for missing yet another deadline.