Singapore Adventure

Monday, December 26, 2005

by venitha

In a shockingly short amount of time, I have gone from being a person charmed by swimming with to being someone who regular eats them. We took our visiting family to Newton Hawker Centre today for lunch, and although the kids preferred the murtabak, the adults were, like me, quite taken with the stingray. Served up beneath a tasty layer of spicy chili, what's not to like?

Stingray is easily my favorite new seafood here in Singapore, and there's no more appropriate accompaniment than spicy kangkong. The first time I heard the word kangkong was in Malay class, where it was one of many veggie vocab words. When I asked for its English translation, I was told that it was, ummm... kangkong. Having now bought some fresh kangkong myself and tried it as a salad green, my guess is that the English translation is, ummm... grass. Tasty fried up in chili, though. Go figure.