Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

All Has Been Revealed
by venitha

I would have loved to make my favorite American Christmas treats to share with my co-workers, but just the thought of hunting down ingredients was exhausting and frustrating. In practice, mere inquires about pistachio pudding for my beloved ambrosia were met with enough confused incredulity and squeamish expressions to nix any nostaglic notions I might have been harboring. Pistachio? Like the nuts? And it's green? Jell-o pudding?

So I decided just to buying something. Not a problem. Or was it? Choosing what to buy was actually non-trivial, as what appeals to me is quite unlikely to be popular with my co-workers. Tit for tat, as the snacks the natives bring to work are frequently downright revolting to me. Many contain dried shredded pork (for sure), and sand and chalk (my suspicion, admittedly unconfirmed).
Yoong Han's response when I asked what kind of treat he would like revealed that Singaporeans and I, or at least he and I, are decidedly two different species.

"Not chocolate."

"Huh? Singaporeans don't like chocolate? You've got to be kidding."

"Well they like it, but... they think it's fattening."

Now, given that I am significantly larger than most Singaporeans, I don't exactly have a leg to stand on in an argument about what's fattening and what isn't. And I admit that sand and chalk probably...

Well, this explains a great deal: the sad desserts, the rampant anorexia extreme thinness, and the missing smiles.


For what it's worth, Yoong Han was completely right. I bought slices of a variety of cakes, including walnut torte, blueberry cheesecake, fruitcake, oreo cheesecake, chocolate truffle cake, chocolate torte, and tiramisu. Flavors remaining at the end of the day were chocolate (some of both kinds) and fruitcake (all of it). All the leftovers for me! Bwa ha ha ha!

Actually, I didn't eat the fruitcake either. Apparently some tastes are universal.