Singapore Adventure

Friday, December 09, 2005

by venitha

"Happy sixth anniversary!", Jim greeted me this morning as I awoke.

I looked up at him standing beside me and stretched luxuriantly, still in bed much later than normal, even on this, my day off from work. "I can't believe we have to do this three more times."

"The worst is over," he reassured me with a smile and kissed my forehead. I pulled the sheet up over my head, reluctant to face today, let alone 18 more months in Singapore.

As Jim's tidings suggest, it feels far more like six years than six months, a milestone, for sure, to be marked and celebrated. Yet when I finally did venture up and wander out, I got on a train going the wrong direction, a teasing reminder that six months is perhaps not all that long after all.

It was tempting to spend the day in that most Singaporean of activities, shopping, going out to lunch for that most Singaporean of foods, , but instead I've occupied myself with the household chores and the errands that will earn us both some downtime this weekend.

Tonight, however, we will celebrate. We're headed to the Singapore Turf Club to bet on the ponies (thanks to Brian for the recommendation). I'll bet $6 on the 6th horse in the 6th race and spend all my surely vast winnings on that most Singaporean of beverages, Tiger beer, so we can drink a toast to six months in Singapore. Cheers!