Singapore Adventure

Thursday, December 08, 2005

A Bouquet For You, Mom
by venitha

I firmly believe that my mother would love southeast Asia, its frantic pace, its incessant shopping, its kitschy tourist attractions. Of course, these same features hold little appeal to me, so I seldom wax eloquent about them in this space. Instead, I write about what I enjoy: the spicy food, the exotic customs, the less travelled roads, all of which hold little appeal to her, and she remains unconvinced of Asia's virtue as a vacation spot.

I was therefore pleasantly surprised to receive an e-mail from my mom finally expressing interest in one of our destinations. What captured her attention? Chiang Mai's Flower Festival.

The festival is not until February, but I thoroughly enjoyed Chiang Mai's lovely flowers and was especially entranced by a morning visit to the Lamyai wholesale flower market.

Just for you, Mom, a bouquet of flowers from Chiang Mai.

Perhaps I am my mother's daughter after all?