Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Asian Breakfast Buffet - Part II
by venitha

I've come to the conclusion that I need an attitude adjustment. I admit that this is true in general, but right now, I'm speaking specifically about the breakfast buffet. I've been far too caught up in expecting to eat the food, when in reality, the food is there for my entertainment. So just as I once maximized my enjoyment of soap operas by rooting for the bad guy, I'm now firmly on the side of inedible, disgusting, and here-Jim-you've-got-to-try-this.

Also bring on, if you will, the ever-popular "My God! Look what that guy is eating!" In Taroko, we gaped at an alarming number of people eating plates piled high with fish floss and only fish floss. I don't object to a light crispy sprinkling atop my som tam salad, but eating this stuff by the spoonful? I'm sure now that I missed out on what must have been the world's finest fish floss, but that's just a sad fact I'm going to have to accept.

My new buffet strategy is to load a plate with all of the items (notice that I don't call them foods) on the buffet that I can't identify for sure, and then we have to sample everything. Just sample. Trust me that this is not a plate which either of our mothers would encourage us to clean.

Unfortunately, we have yet to be rewarded with a Hey, Mikey! He likes it! moment, but we did finish the cooked rice cake pictured below, probably because I wisely snagged one topped only with green onions, passing on those filled with corn and beans. The rest of this, while highly entertaining, was completely unpalatable, and that includes the banana.
Yes, that's a banana.