Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mother Nature: Ang Mo Kio Town Garden
by venitha

I've been admiring the pretty eastern hill of Ang Mo Kio Town Garden from my MRT commute to work, but the western hill is much larger and nicer and was the perfect place for an umbrella-ed walk one misty Sunday morning.

Large blaze orange flowers slowly filling with raindrops littered the ground, but where had they come from? There were no blossoms in the trees above, and when I stopped to pick up a fallen bloom, I discovered it was attached.

When the rain stopped and the sun came out, we opted for a quick loop around the base of the hill and were rewarded with a bird song park! Finally! I'd read about these before moving to Singapore but had not yet had the pleasure. Songbird enthusiasts bring their pets, raise them high atop a flagpole, and the birds take it from there.