Singapore Adventure

Sunday, December 11, 2005

by venitha

How many times will I walk by this sign before I am driven to purchase this fine new product gracing Singapore's grocery shelves?
My initial reaction to this advertisement was a disgusted groan and a quick draw of my camera, the same reaction, I now note with amusement, that I had upon looking down into a large basket of skinned pig heads at a wet market in Penang. Jim claims he loves me for this, but he won't let me post the pig picture on the blog, which I have to say is your loss. It's a great shot.

I walk by this sign daily, frequently several times, and after nearly two weeks, I think if I saw the pudding in the grocery store, I'd buy it just to see if it can possibly be as nasty as I expect. In two more weeks, will I be looking for it, asking the osteoporosis-hunched shelf-stocking auntie if they carry it?

If I smile when I see the sign and think enthusiastically, Yummy!, will I actually expect it to be good and plan to serve it in place of ambrosia at my Christmas Eve dinner?