Singapore Adventure

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Chinese New Year Rain
by venitha

"It's still raining," I sighed, as I signed out the exercise room key and essential air-con remote in Dawood's log book. It rained all day yesterday and most of the day before that, and today does not look much more promising.

"Chinese New Year rain!" Dawood exclaimed with his usual cackling glee.

I've long since stopped suspecting our condo guard's constant snicker of malice, but today I looked up from my illegible initials in astonishment. Does he mean this rain will last until the ? Until the end of January?

But Dawood's back was already turned to me, as he was kindly heading to the exercise room to unlock its door for me. When I caught up to him, he was looking officiously over my shoulder at an arriving delivery van, and I'd missed my chance to clarify his meaning.

When I finished my run, it was still raining. Hours later now, I have showered, and my hair is almost dry. And it's still raining.