Singapore Adventure

Friday, June 23, 2006

Nasty Little Buggers
by venitha

You'll see monkeys in Singapore, I IM to 8-year-old Kalyn, adding the escalating ee-ee-ee-ee monkey emoticon.

"And monitor lizards," Jim says aloud over my shoulder.

"We can save that for later. I want her to come."

"Monitor lizards are going to seem like chopped liver after crocodiles."

"Yeah, I don't really need you to remind me of that."

A week from now, Jim and I will be in Australia, which is bound to provide a menagerie of entertainment, though at this point I'm really wishing I hadn't read Bill Bryson's alarming In A Sunburned Country.

Beasty highlights:
  • Crocodiles. I'm actually really looking forward to these, and we are guaranteed to get up close and personal with plenty of them in Kakadu National Park.

  • Kangaroos. Wallabies and wallaroos, too; who knew? I'm keeping my fingers crossed - please cross yours, too - as there are no guarantees that we'll see any other than on menus. Will we eat them? Yes. Or does that hurt our chances of seeing them?

  • Flying Foxes. They sound cooler than cool, right? Then you read the fine print and discover their true identify: really frickin' huge bats. Ugh! I don't even like the fruit bats at Singapore's Night Safari, and please don't anyone tell Kalyn about them.

  • Frilled Lizards. Apparently the frill only opens when they're pissed off, so either I don't really need to see one or I need a really long .

  • Cane toads. In spite of having seen a stellar documentary on them, cane toads had totally slipped my mind until I stumbled across this news article earlier this week. Do we have good timing or what?

  • Koala Bears. Nope, no koala bears in Northern Territory. Nor are there any in Western Australia, the capital of which, , is the other Australia destination that's reasonably close to Singapore. Ah, well, my little sister, who owns a -playing stuffed koala bear from her time as an exchange student in New South Wales, claims that koala bears are nasty little buggers anyway. Apparently that's going around in Australia. I guess I'll stick with the crocs.