Singapore Adventure

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exhausted But Happy
by venitha

"Where are the mountains?" a voice shrill with high-maintenance demands from the back seat of the Hertz bus.

Seated facing us, a man weary of travel and, I must assume, of his traveling companion glances up from his map. He does a brief out-the-window survey, taking in Denver International Airport's man-made peaks, gleaming white points which protrude sharply from a vast brown plain that extends to Kansas and beyond.

"There," he decides, gesturing vaguely in the exact opposite direction of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, currently obscured by the haze of a lazy summer afternoon.

Jim squeezes my hand, and we stare with tired smiles at the quavering line that dimly traces a profile of distant mountain peaks against pale blue sky.

Exhausted, but happy, we are home.