Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Ah, Romance!
by venitha

"Whoa! And how's he going to make that up to you?" Ingo asked last night when I explained the real tragedy of Jim's Taiwan trip this week. It's not missing the chance to meet Ingo in person, though it was a terrific and several-years-overdue evening. Nor is it missing the , for some reason not celebrated in Singapore. Nor is it getting to stay up all night with me, fruitlessly cheering on Germany in the World Cup. Nope. It's missing spending our 10th wedding anniversary with me, today.

It's actually not as heartbreaking as it sounds, as Jim and I both quite wisely married someone not too hung up on dates. And, honestly, we have more fun days to commemorate than our stressed-out, hot, sleep-deprived wedding day. My feet hurt just thinking about those shoes.

Last weekend, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of our moving in together (sinners!) by spending a night in a Cooinda backpacker hostel nowhere near as nice as, but featuring far more wildlife than, any of the six homes we've shared. And this coming Monday, we'll celebrate the 10th anniversary of our honeymoon stay at 's Aerie, a place we talked about returning to for our 10th anniversary, by making the 24-hour pilgrimage from Singapore to Colorado. Ah, romance! I just hope we get to sit together.

If you're still feeling sorry for me, rest assured that Jim and I have a hot date tonight. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, we're meeting for some Sheepshead in Dolly's Barn. If you know what I'm talking about, come celebrate with us by joining us for a hand or two.

Happy anniversary, Jim! And no mistake.