Singapore Adventure

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Kalyn's Favorites
by venitha

In celebration of her 9th birthday - Happy Birthday, KK! - here are Kalyn's Favorites of Singapore...
  • Indian food: naan
    "Garlic is best, then plain."
  • Chinese food: soup dumplings
    "I call them little basket buns."
  • Singaporean food: chicken rice
  • Breakast food at Aunt Venitha's: "I can't decide between hot chocolate, hard-boiled eggs, and waffles."
  • Tropical fruit: pineapple
  • Dessert: coconut crème brûlée at Brewerkz
  • Sentosa show: 4-D Magix
  • Sentosa ride: Luge
    "The Luge-ous Lizard!"
  • Sentosa animal: pink dolphins
  • Zoo animal: Siberian tigers
  • Shopping destination: Chinatown
  • Singapore attraction: science museum
  • Fireworks display in last week's competition: France
  • Souvenir: Chinese outfit
  • Public transportation: MRT
  • Statue: Raffles
  • Orchid: red with freckles
    "Just like me!"