Singapore Adventure

Friday, January 20, 2006

Harper's Index
by venitha

  • Length, in feet, of our friend Timo's new yacht: 28
  • Number of lovely Sunday afternoons we've been lucky enough to spend sailing: 1
  • Chance that a reported pirate attack in 2004 occurred in Indonesian waters: 93 of 325
  • Number of nights Jim spent in Taipei this week: 3
  • Number of times Jim was propositioned on a two-block walk outside his Taipei hotel: 6
  • Number of our two tall blonde German male friends here who refuse to go to Singapore's Little India because of all the men there who hit on him: 1
  • Number of nights Jim spent in a hotel in 2005, not including one month in a service apartment: 89
  • Chance that a book I read in 2005 related to Asia: 31 in 50
  • Chance in 2004: 7 in 44
  • Number of packages of "Naughty Pepper" iron eggs that Jim brought back from Taipei: 2
  • Number of these eggs that I intend to eat: 0
  • Number of Grandma's special chocolate Christmas cookies remaining: 6
  • Number of these cookies I ate while she was here: more than 6
  • Number I ate while Jim was in Taipei: 0
  • Weight, in pounds, I gained over the holidays: 3
  • Number of minutes I run daily: 32
  • Temperature, in °C, to which I set the air-con in the gym: 18
  • Lowest outdoor temperature, in °C, ever recorded in Singapore: 19.4
  • Number of NFL games Jim and I have watched on television this season: 0.25
  • Number of NFL team mascots represented on the Chinese zodiac: 3 (Cincinnati Bengals = tiger; Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts = horse)
  • Number represented by Western astrological signs: 2 (St Louis Rams = Aries; Detroit Lions = Leo)
  • Super Bowl XL kick-off time in Singapore: 7:25am Monday, February 6th
  • Number of Cold Storage Royal Doulton stickers we have accumulated: 86
  • Chance that the first person to request our stickers by e-mail will be given them: 1 in 1