Singapore Adventure

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Indecision In Phuket
by venitha

What was your favorite thing that we did yesterday?

Kalyn: "I can't decide. What did we do again?"

We saw gorgeous ocean views...
Jim: "You slept through that part."

And we went to a Buddhist temple...
K: "Oh, yeah! I liked tapping gold on those guys."
J: "Those guys were monks."

And we saw that place with all the elephants...
K: "And horses. And cats and dogs."
J: "Sleeping together! Total anarchy!"
K: "What's anarchy?"

And we had that awesome lunch at that restaurant with that great view...
K: "Where I had all that caffeine."
J: "Where we all had all that caffeine. I loved that place."

And we walked through that market with fruits and vegetables and seafood and frogs...
K: "The smelly market!"
J: "The cool market!"

And we hiked to that waterfall...
K: "I wanted to go camping there."
J: "I wanted to throw you in there."

And we went to that night market where you got that cool popsicle and we got that fresh-squeezed orange juice...
K: "That I liked and that my mom didn't like."
And that fresh pineapple...
J: "That your mom liked that you didn't like."
K: "I liked it; I just didn't want anymore."

And we had supper at that reggae bar on the ocean...
J: "With all the hookers."
K: "The what?"
J: "The piña coladas in coconuts."
K: "Oh, yeah!"

So what was your favorite?

K: "I can't decide. It was all my favorite."

Mine, too.