Singapore Adventure

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Grilled Asparagus
by venitha

I'm chopping a yellow bell pepper in the kitchen, willing Jim to stop coughing and fall asleep, and trying to organize the chaotic jumble of tasks in my mind, when an actual fun item for next week's list occurs to me: Eat lots of asparagus.

While Colorado's ski season is the last thing on my mind, we'll have to eat, and March is perfect timing for cheap and fresh asparagus, marinated in lemon juice, garlic, and pepper, grilled, and served hot with an ice cold bottle of Austrian . Mmmm... I can taste it already.

Epicurean distraction aside, yes, I said Colorado and next week, and indeed we are headed home tomorrow. The end of this crapful (Jim's unfortunately appropriate word) week culminated in a frantic purchase of over-priced airline tickets to enable a one-week ill-timed whirlwind of tearfully hugging lots of beloved friends and relatives and one very special little dog, visiting one medical professional after another in an attempt to catch up on our woefully neglected healthcare, and shopping at the two stores I miss the most in Singapore, Target and Eddie Bauer. Oh, and we're going to work, too. And did I mention that Jim has bronchitis? Admit it; you wish you had my life.

By the time I finish making our salads, double whammy strikes at cleaning out the fridge and shoring up our sagging health, Jim has given up on a nap and is standing in the kitchen doorway smiling widely and holding a warm fuzzy fleece jacket. He trades the jacket for me, treating me to yet another hold-yourself-together hug, an enveloping squeeze that seems intended to shore up my body's perimeter lest it give way and allow myriad stressors to fall splashing to our lung-covered floor. Then he breaks away to hack up yet another lung.

I'm pinning my hopes on the restorative power of grilled asparagus. Prayers and hugs will help, too.

Before all hell broke loose, I uploaded more India pix here. Enjoy!