Singapore Adventure

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Home Again, Home Again
by venitha

We arrived home in Singapore early this morning, dirty and exhausted, but having thoroughly enjoyed an incredible two weeks in India. That's us! At the Taj Mahal! Can you believe it?

Our most welcome greetings:
  • Venitha Ma'am: Pristine modern public restrooms. I've always been a fan of Changi Airport's bathrooms, but after two weeks in India, I was ready to erect a shrine.
  • Jim Boss: Our bed. 11 different beds in 14 nights is a bit much. 12 in 15 if you count the airplane seat on our Air Sahara red-eye flight.

Our least welcome greetings:
  • Ma'am: The weather. A humid slap in the face after the lovely arid desert of Rajasthan.
  • Boss: 417 work e-mail messages. It's back to reality tomorrow (and to our normal titles instead of those bequeathed us by our Indian driver), but it does appear that HP Digital Cameras survived Jim's absence during our extended field test. We returned with over 1400 pictures despite my having become a brutal in-the-camera editor.

Ma'am venitha Boss - heh