Singapore Adventure

Monday, February 13, 2006

Manic Monday
by venitha

Today was the first Monday I've worked since February of last year. Brutal. I feel for all of you normal working stiffs and have newfound appreciation for my usual half-time status. Instead of what I should have been doing (preparing for our India trip - we leave Saturday) and instead of what I wanted to be doing (blogging - see the list below), I spent the day in meetings with co-workers in town from the US.

Things I didn't have time to blog about today:
  • Our fab party Saturday night, complete with fab fireworks display.
  • Our anti-fab hangovers Sunday.
  • Finally meeting and absolutely adoring fellow bloggers D and A.
  • The thrill of finally getting our airline tickets to India followed by the agony of Air Sahara pilots stranding flights yesterday.
  • The thrill and the agony of Thaipusam.
  • The delicious new Indian foods we've tried; pictured are idlis and sabudana wada.
  • All the interesting/funny/scary advice we've received about travelling in India.
  • My interesting/funny/scary accent.

You think I should quit my job, too, don't you? Too bad blogging doesn't pay as well as engineering. It's certainly more fun, especially on Mondays.