Singapore Adventure

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Monk Stalker
by venitha

We've taken thousands of pictures since moving to Singapore, and we laugh about how odd it will be to return to a life where we don't photograph nearly everything before we put it in our mouths. I carry my camera with me everywhere, yet I frequently regret not having taken certain pictures.

One shot in particular that I missed in Bangkok was of a luminously beautiful female monk. Hair shorn very short and wearing a dark brown robe, she chatted animatedly on her handphone as she sat across from us at a café. I'm not practiced at sneaking photos, and even if I'd asked and she'd assented, a posed smile could not have captured the moment.

In Chiang Mai, my desire not to miss another such opportunity melded with the vivid orange robes of the monks, and SHAZAM! My secret identity was born: Monk Stalker. Of course, I still need a cool name (your suggestions are welcome), and a cape, and potentially a stronger telephoto lens. Then again, nix the cape; I've seen The Incredibles.