Singapore Adventure

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Goodbye, Rooster! Hello, Dog!
by venitha

We braved the crowds in Chinatown last night to bid adieu to the Year of the Rooster and to welcome in the Year of the Dog.

Last chance for . Beware, however, that it's got lots of fat and is very bad for you.

Yellow pomelos (PAHM-uh-lows) as big as your head.

What did those ducks ever do to you?

Lest you think everything in Chinatown is exotic and unfamiliar...

It wouldn't be a festival in Singapore without lantern statuary.

By midnight, we'd retired to our rooftop garden to enjoy the fireworks.

This morning at breakfast, I read aloud the paper's translations of new year dog couplets.

"The golden rooster alerts us to dawn; the jade dog ensures peace on earth. This is a roundabout way of wishing someone peace and harmony."

Jim's response: "Very."

I'll stick with the tried and true: Gong Xi Fa Cai.