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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rajasthani Olympics: Coverage from Jaisalmer
by jima

We're heading into the action-packed finals for all events here in Rajasthan! With just a few more days remaining of this most exciting of Olympiads, here's a round up of the most promising contestants we've enjoyed here in the golden city of :
  • Event: . The lassi competition is fierce here in Rajasthan, much to the enjoyment of the judges. Jaisalmer's makhania lassi from a "world famous" shop was topped with and pistacios. Delicious!

  • Event: Poor decision-making. Unfortunately, we have a sadly strong entry from me in this event. While on our camel safari, I foolishly decided that riding the same camel as Venitha was preferable to having my own stirrups. It was, of course, thoroughly enjoyable to share this amazing straight-out-of-the-movies experience with my beloved, our close proximity allowing us to marvel together both at the natural beauty and at the tourist carnival surrounding us. My backside, however, paid, and continues to pay and to pay and to pay, a hefty price. As luck would have it, I had plenty of time to examine my poor decision-making on the bumpy 6-hour car ride from Jaisalmer to Bikaner today.

  • Event: Quotes. "What you want, ma'am? Toilet paper biscuit chocolate mintee cold water pepsi memory card film battery drinkee toothpaste tissue sweetee..." The list never stops, just fades from hearing as we wander the narrow winding streets. The come-ons from Jaisalmer's shopkeepers are impressive.

  • Event: Dancing.

    The evening entertainment at our camel safari camp site near the Sam Sand Dunes featured an 8-year-old boy who balanced 7 pots on his head, scaled a narrow pole forming a make-shift ladder, crossed a high-wire 20 feet from the ground, and then decended a similar ladder on the other side. And he did all of this without touching the very heavy stack of pots with his hands. Quite a show! And if you think all of this pot-head [sic] balancing is merely for show, think again; much of Rajasthan is a desert, and it is quite common to see sari-clad women balancing pots of water on their heads and babies on their hips as they head home from the village well.
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