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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Rajasthani Olympics: Coverage from Jodhpur
by jima

It's been an amazing first week at these Rajasthani Olympics, and the competition just gets better and better. Top contenders for gold:
  • Event: . We have seen one incredible showing after another in this event, with each fantastically thick and creamy yogurt drink outdoing the last. 's local favorite, the saffron-flavored makhania lassi served at the Shri Mishrilal Hotel, has an excellent shot at the gold.

  • Event: Begging. An unusual twist on the oh-so-common "insistence" method of begging caught my attention and provided enough entertainment to be deserving of cash a spot on the podium.

    Beautiful girl (yelling): "Ten rupees! Ten rupees! Ten rupees!"
    Jim (shaking head firmly): "No."
    BG (yelling louder): "Hundred rupees! Hundred rupees! Hundred rupees!"

  • Event: Quotes. Yet another event in which the competition is fierce. The latest entrant: "We're in a hurry. Some other time." said by an American tourist to the Ranakpur attendant who wanted to show her the tallest idol. This Jain temple, straight out of The Jungle Book, is located on the scenic (ie completely deserted) route from Udaipur to Jodhpur.

  • Event: Marathon. The hands-down favorite in this event is Jittu, our stellar driver. He drives on rutted pot-holed backroads for eight hours straight without a complaint, then is disappointed when we're too tired to stay out late in town. He smiles and laughs at our lame attempts at Hindi, then scolds Jim for cheating when we're learning to count. He patiently finds our lovely off-the-beaten path hotels and obscure hole-in-the-wall restaurants, never hesitating in the least to hail a stranger for directions. Jittu da man.

Stay tuned to Singapore Adventure for more of our exciting Rajasthani Olympic coverage!