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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rajasthani Olympics: Coverage from Udaipur
by jima

Since we're missing the Olympics this year (go figure that winter games aren't of particular interest in either Singapore or India), we're holding our own, the Rajasthani Olympics, and best of all, we get to be the judges. Top contenders for gold:
  • Event: Scooters. We saw an incredible showing by the Jaipur team, with an entire family of five riding on a single moped. Two young sons stood in the space between the seat and the handles, Dad drove, and Mom sat side-saddle (she's wearing a sari) behind him, holding an infant. This is the kind of heroic effort we're just not seeing from the other teams.

  • Event: Hospitality. A clear front-runner recently emerged from the field on this event as our fearless driver spotted a wedding last night in Udaipur and suggested we crash. Much to our amazement, we were marched right up to the happy couple (OK, in reality the really young and dazed from all these people couple), who was incredibly gracious, was pleased to pose for picures, and encouraged us to eat eat eat. Venitha made herself very popular by taking photos of the gathered kids, all of whom loved to see themselves on the digital camera screen. Digital cameras are still quite uncommon in Rajasthan.

  • Event: Quotes. There's a great deal of competition here in in this category, but a clear favorite is "No! Go away! You make the whole thing horrible!", overheard on the way out of Fatehpur Sikri from a clearly unhappy female tourist to the tout who had been harassing her for her entire visit. Venitha and I couldn't help but laugh, but we can also relate to the sentiment; Go away is one of the few Hindi phrases we've learned.

  • Event: Dance. There are sadly only two entrants in this category so far, and one of those was me gracelessly doing the Jumping Swearing Dance of Pain after stubbing my toe on a cobblestone. But that lame offering takes nothing away from the other contestant, a woman who dances, and I'd like to stress that I'm not making this up, with nine pots balanced on her head while walking on crushed glass. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one will be topped.

Stay tuned to Singapore Adventure for more of our exciting Rajasthani Olympic coverage!