Singapore Adventure

Monday, September 04, 2006

Love, Hate, Name Something You Ate XI
by venitha

  • One thing I love about living in Singapore is...
    ...the sushi. It's fast, it's easy, and it always sounds good to both of us.

  • One thing I hate about living in Singapore is...
    …the sweat. The temperamental treadmill at our condo has driven me outside for my morning run of late, and the amount of sweat I generate here is truly astonishing.

    "I know. I know. You're jealous because I'm so stylish," I told Jim this morning as I tied a handkerchief around my wrist.

    An hour later, I could have wrung it out. Tomorrow I'm going for both wrists.

  • A new thing I ate recently is...
    …ondeh ondeh. Look, Ma! No beans! For those of you who are keeping score at home, this makes a grand total of two good Asian desserts. (Number one is mango with sticky rice.) Ondeh ondeh is -flavored glutinous rice surrounding liquid palm sugar and rolled in coconut. Glutinous is still not a texture with much to recommend it, but the flavors here are all delicious, and that burst of sugary goodness: yum!

  • Something I recently bought is...
    …a reading lamp, super cool super strong fridge magnets, a rug, a mod corkscrew, cutting boards that don't have a scary fungus growing on them: a whole bunch of home stuff that I just couldn't live without from Ikea, here pronounced ICK-e-uh. Recent visitors from Colorado gave me the motivation for a shopping spree when they couldn't decide whether their favorite Singapore attraction was the streets of Little India or the local Ikea.

  • Singlish o' the day:
    Singlish? Are you kidding? The Speak Good English Movement has all but wiped Singlish out, lah.