Singapore Adventure

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Eliza's Minions
by venitha

Rain gushes from the darkened sky, cascades down the steps from the roof, seeps in through the leaky bedroom window. Thunder and lightning send physical jolts through my apartment. I can't make out a single one of the thousands of buildings forming my normal incredible 270° view.

I love storms.

I turn off all the lights, open lots of windows, and marvel at this wonderful world.

And then I remember the last time that it stormed like this. When the electricity in our apartment was out for nearly 24 hours. Unable to locate the source of the leak that allowed water to flood through the circuit panel, Eliza's minions still haven't fully repaired it.

I vote an emphatic No on a repeat experience. I am not spending the night here alone with no electricity. Jim's in Taiwan. Our nearest friends who would easily put me up for the night have just departed for a US vacation. No one in their right mind (only a gazillion stop-and-go drivers on the CTE below me) would go out in this weather anyway. Definitely No.

I retreat to the bedroom, giving the electrical closet a wide berth, turn all the lights on (Whew! They work.), close the windows, jack up the air-con, and say my prayers.

O, beautiful newly installed extra bright fluorescent bulb above me, please forgive my recent aspersions. I was momentarily blinded to your myriad unparalleled charms by your dazzling luminosity. I beg you not to make me face this dark and lonely world without the beacon of your radiant glow to guide me. Thank you for inventing dried mango. Bless Eliza's minions. Amen.


I wake to a murky sky and a day made for napping. The bedroom is awash in the soothing splash of traffic on wet pavement. Raindrops have accumulated in the corners of the bedroom windows in a way most reminiscent of snow.

Emboldened by the daylight, the thought of snow, and my survival through the night, I emerge from my wintry oasis and tiptoe down the hot and humid hallway. When I open the electrical closet, water spills out and traces long slim scary fingers down my pretty blue wall.

Oh, Eliza! On the phone.

Can! She'll send her minions over today, probably this afternoon. In the meantime, might I determine which trunk is leaking? I shouldn't have to crawl inside the closet; just stick my head in to see where it's dripping.

Yeah. Here's a good rainy day activity, kids. Especially great for when you're home alone. Or, you can turn down the job of minion... and nap.

Bye-ee! I hang up, return with relief to my 18° bedroom, and snuggle deep under the covers.