Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Random Musings of an Unfocused Mind
by venitha

There's too much going on for me to write coherently, so instead, some random musings from Colorado:
  • Whoever invented Ambien should be sainted.
  • In the just-over-an-hour drive home from the airport, my butt got sore. Jim's supposition: Our butt muscles have atrophied from not driving. I checked it out this morning in the mirror, and lamentably, this does not appear to be the case.
  • The new King Soopers grocery store near our Colorado home is a revelation. It is vast, has astounding selection, and has aisles so wide that I can walk down them with both arms outstretched and not touch a thing. True, Americans are huge, but this still seems excessive.
  • Maggie was already significantly gray when Jim and I rescued her from the pound 11 years ago. Since we moved to Singapore, though, she's gone from nearly white to... black? Wow, Maggie! Bottle this, and we can put those Grecian Formula guys out of business! Closer examination, unfortunately, reveals that the poor little girl is losing her white hair, revealing the black skin beneath. No, I did not get carried away with overly enthusiastic snout noogies, though I have given her a few; she likes them.
  • Our first supper in Colorado: Pulcinella's phenomenal double-crust spinach pizza. It's just as good as we remember, in spite of our colds dictating that we omit its best accompaniment, Fat Tire beer.
  • People look at me like I'm hysterical (delusional hysterical not funny hysterical) when I tell them about certain aspects of Singaporean life. Filipino maids and their sad sad living quarters in many Singaporean homes, for example. I've got to take a picture of the marvel of efficient space use that is our own Singaporean apartment's maid's bathroom: a small square room just big enough for a toilet, on which you can sit (or squat) and at the same time shower and wash your hands. I wonder how much Fat Tire will be required to get Jim to model.

Jim's addition to my random musings: Asparagus makes your pee smell funny. Grilled asparagus was our second supper, and although it has not yet effected the desired bronchitis cure, it has apparently made Jim's pee smell funny.