Singapore Adventure

Sunday, October 23, 2005

by venitha

If our complete worthlessness this morning this afternoon today is any indication, the party was a smashing success.

We played that game where you stick the name of a different famous person on each person's back and you all have to determine your new identity by asking only yes/no questions. Of note:
  • Our guests hailed from the US, the UK, the Philippines, Canada, India, Germany, Indonesia, and, of course, Singapore so coming up with people of whom everyone knew provided entertainment in itself.
  • We can only play this game on the rooftop. The inside of our apartment has way too many mirrored walls.
  • Rock crushes scissors. Paper covers rock. Scissors cuts paper. Singapore's humidity wilts adhesive labels. Quilting needles pierce Singapore's humidity adhesive labels. Hangover muddles metaphor.
  • Jim's and my American public school education has left us deficient: we were the only ones present who knew of neither Lord Nelson nor .
  • Nine-year-olds no longer know who Pelé is, but they can definitely Bend It Like Beckham.
  • The surprising first question most people asked in uncovering their secret identities: Am I Asian?
  • We've made very nice friends here, and that really helps.