Singapore Adventure

Monday, October 17, 2005

by jima

We're so busy whining about the negative changes that moving to Singapore brought into our lives that we frequently overlook the positive changes, one of the best of which is our new Friday night out.

As in Ft Collins, by Friday we are collapse-in-a-heap exhausted. But since we're now here in the big city with easy access to lots of cool things to do, we really feel lame if we just stay in and do nothing but watch Coupling on DVD, IM each other from across our apartment, or surf the web. Instead, we've taken to meeting out on Friday evenings on my way home from work and doing... something. Sometimes it's a museum exhibition. Once it was a storytelling. Frequently it's a walk through whatever section of the city is lit up with lights for an ethnic celebration. Often it's a hunt for a new food we heard about and the hole-in-the-wall stall serving it up in delicious style. Always it's something new that we haven't done before, and always it's something we could not do in Ft Collins.

Occasionally, our destination has been a new exhibit at the Arts House in the CBD, which has featured some tremendous, and some tremendously weird, works of art over the months. From stunning photographs of Burmese monks in a snowstorm to some rather odd Chinese poster art depicting Jesus in various Chinese cultural settings. Hundred foot-tall Jesus peering over tourists on the Great Wall, anyone?

Breezy and overcast, this Friday demanded we enjoy the evening outdoors, so my lovely wife met me at the HarbourFront MRT station, and we walked up, over, around, though, across, and in Mt. Faber, taking in amazing views of the shipping, the city, and Sentosa Island. A bit confusing to get to the other side of, Mt. Faber, but once safely back along the wide city streets, we were conveniently close to a hawker stall dishing Brian's highly recommended mutton soup. The beer was cold, the soup was yummy, the hawker was friendly. Another wonderful Friday evening well spent.

We gave way to our end-of-the-week exhaustion and took the MRT home instead of walking, thankful that we didn't have to over who had to drive. Friday nights out are a positive change I want to continue, not only while we're here, but also once we're back in Colorado. Then it'll be interesting to see how much we miss all the city activities; I already know we're really going to miss the MRT.