Singapore Adventure

Monday, October 10, 2005

by venitha

To someone who lives for the Sunday crosswords...

To someone who would gladly spring out of bed at dawn on summer Sundays to rush over with Maggie to the nearby gas station and harass the poor flunkie behind the counter if the paper was a minute late...

To someone who would forgo first lift on idyllic winter Sundays at Winter Park if she hadn't yet finished the crossword... Well, not on powder days, of course; I do have priorities.

To someone who would ominously warn friends they were taking their lives in their hands by even glancing at her Sunday puzzle in progress...

This is just sad.

Not that I expected to open my Sunday Straits Times to the nirvana of both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times Sunday crosswords like I do with the Denver Post, this quality being the Post's primary positive attribute, but still.

I surprised even myself by thinking that I was willing to forgo my beloved American crosswords while I'm here in Singapore. I was actually looking forward to having them replaced by whatever new and exciting mental challenges regularly entertain the natives. Hey, maybe I'd even finally learn to do those British crosswords that Harpers publishes. Alas, tragically, no bliss.

So this week I subscribed to the New York Times on-line crossword puzzle service and have made a happy pilgrimage back to my contented Sunday mornings. God bless Will Shortz for the puzzles and Al Gore for the internet.