Singapore Adventure

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Mango Goodness
by venitha

Taipei is famous for its street food. The itinerary a co-worker gave me from her recent vacation there listed among the attractions Oyster Noodles, Big Sausage, and Super Big Chicken Cutlet. Sze Yii specifically translated these, written in Chinese characters, as highlights not to be missed.

Perhaps because we managed to resist such temptation, our Taipei food was good, but not rave-worthy. Sorting through our photos from that weekend, this was the one that made us go Mmmm....

Shared in the basement food court of Taipei 101 after we surveyed the city at night from the 89th floor, this mango dessert was absolutely delicious. Creamy sweet mango syrup drizzled over succulent fresh mango morsels. Topped off with a generous scoop of luscious tart mango gelato and served atop a frosty bed of smooth shaved ice.

No threats of durian. No red beans. No unidentifiable jellied globs and worms. Just icy sweet melt-in-your-mouth mango goodness. Mmmm....