Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Ice Cream You Scream
by venitha

Pints of Ben and Jerry's are available at Cold Storage if you're willing to part with a limb or two to pay for them. I have a pretty good idea of what life would be like if I parted with a leg, so I've so far foregone this option. At any rate, I'd much rather blow the mad money in my grocery budget on alcohol; I am, after all, from Wisconsin. Go Badgers!

Thankfully, there are other, and much cheaper, ice cream options. There are guys all over the place selling frozen treats for just $1 from carts attached to motorcycles. It's not Ben and Jerry's, but, well, it is still ice cream, and how bad can ice cream be?
We did not find out the answer to that burning question since neither one of us was willing to waste a dollar of hard-earned ice cream money on the durian flavor. I don't think I even want whatever flavor is stashed next to the durian ice cream. We also passed on the sweet corn and yam flavors; I might try red bean if I didn't have to pay for it. We wisely opted for mango, and it was tasty.

The guy cuts a slab off the block with a machete and wraps it in a colorful and slightly sweet slice of bread. At first glance, the shape and the delivery are both suspiciously strange, but it's actually quite ingenious. The ice cream is frozen really really solid. Even the muscle-bound scooper-of-the-month at my Ft Collins Ben and Jerry's might be challenged to form scoops from it; cutting it with the machete takes a significant amount of effort. The bread conveniently absorbs the ice cream if you eat it slowly enough that the ice cream starts to melt. Despite Singapore's sweltering afternoon heat, I can't say this was a problem for us.

It boggles my mind just what magic is in the cart that keeps the ice cream so cold. Monitor lizards running furiously on treadmills? A to Alaska? If only! Or perhaps someone has figured out how to convert durian odor to energy. Now there's a million-dollar idea.