Singapore Adventure

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Let's Party!
by venitha

Venitha's Top Ten Reasons To Party Tonight
  • It's been over two months since our last party, on National Day, and it's just wrong not to share our awesome rooftop with our friends.
  • It's the 11th anniversary of my favorite brother and his favorite wife. Our rooftop is not Mount Pleasant, but it is currently quite well-stocked with "party favors" because...
  • Karen just taught us how to make meth A party provides a great excuse to splurge on scads of alcohol, which we really need because...
  • Four weekends in a row in Singapore is at least one too many, and ...
  • It's homecoming at Wisconsin! Go Badgers!
  • I have an astounding lead in the family football pool. If my luck continues, I'm going to have to figure out Singapore Pools.
  • The inimitable Jazz is in town, with gifts from home (Thank you, Jazz!) and a penchant for spicy food.
  • Deepali will bring chole. Yummy yummy chole.
  • Malay class graduation!
  • I can run a mile!