Singapore Adventure

Monday, August 29, 2005

Home Again, Home Again
by jima

As the cab driver sped like a demon through a crowded expressway toward Bangkok's airport, I looked at Venitha and suavely delivered one of my favorite pickup lines. "Wanna go home with me?"

While this line worked, like it thankfully usually does when I use it on Venitha, it also started an interesting conversation about where, exactly, is home these days. Having now had a week back in Singapore after our trip, I have to admit that our little apartment here is finally starting to qualify for the label. We've got pictures on the walls and our own furniture set up the way we want. We know our way around the neighborhood and have learned all the local bus routes.

More important, however, are the routines that make up our day-to-day lives. From my morning plant-watering circuit while my oatmeal is cooking to the nightly glasses of wine we enjoy while discussing our days and viewing Singapore's fantastic skyline, it is the simple rituals that make us feel grounded... and somewhat at home.

Still, considering how long it took before Colorado seemed like home when we moved there from Wisconsin oh-so-many-years ago, I do wonder if we'll ever truly feel at home here. Quite possibly the temporary nature of this position, whether the rug is pulled out from under us tomorrow or whether we stay the full two years, will keep us from making the transition fully to Singapore being home.

Overall, it's been a good experience for us to have to build new routines after having lived in Colorado for so long. It's good to know that we still can adapt, however slowly, to a new life together; and, as we agreed on the cab ride out of the Singapore airport, it's good to be home.