Singapore Adventure

Monday, August 29, 2005

Go Pack!
by venitha

First I am informed by illegal spam unsolicited e-mail that I have won the UK Lotto, and then, in a Singaporean 7-11, I spot this. Will wonders never cease?

Alas, in what must surely be record time, wonders have ceased. This stylish gentleman and his 60" flat screen tv with satellite American football feed are not destined to become my newest friends here, as he confessed when pressed on the issue that he is not actually a Packer fan but merely likes jerseys. Drat.

While this is indeed a tragedy, as soon as I send a copy of my passport and all my bank account information to the UK Lotto officials, I'll have my enormous jackpot as consolation. I am also thankful that the web has been able to reassure me that Green Bay has not changed its colors; I was starting to think that the football world had gone a bit seow without my vigilant attention.

That strange jersey number, I'm sure, is merely the score of the next Packers-Bears game. That would be Packers 38, Bears 0.

So, now that I'm thinking about it, let's assess just where we are regarding preparations for the upcoming American football season, shall we?

Practice saying Gbaja-Biamila. Check.

Taunt family members with trash talk. Check.

Clear up delinquent gambling debts.

Hey, wait! This must be my dad's list. Or maybe Vern's.


Which of the following facts are more tragic than the fact that this man is not a Packer fan:
  1. People will read this blog post and will believe that I actually won the UK Lotto.
  2. People will read this blog post and will believe that I believe that I actually won the UK Lotto.
  3. I did not win the UK Lotto, although surprisingly, it apparently does exist. Click here.