Singapore Adventure

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Harper's On
by venitha

  • Advertised price of flight from Singapore to Bangkok: S$18
  • Actual price of flight, per person, inclusive of taxes: S$116
  • Length of flight: 2 hours, 20 minutes
  • Currency lowdown: 100 baht ~ S$5 ~ US$3
  • Time difference from Singapore: -1 hour
  • High temp in Bangkok on departure day: 33°C
  • High temp in Singapore on departure day: 32°C
  • Amount of time that it rained: 2 1/2 hours
  • Number of times we were told it was rainy season: 2
  • Only Thai word we know besides (temple) upon departure: farang (foreigner)
  • Only new Thai we learn in Bangkok: kháwp khun (thank you)
  • Rank of Big Buddha and Hello! Where you going? among phrases most frequently addressed to us by Thai people: 2 and 1
  • Number of big (that would be bigger than us) Buddhas we saw: 9
  • Number of wats listed on our Bangkok tourist map: 87
  • Number of wats your normal person (that would be me and Jim) cares to visit on one trip to Bangkok: 3

  • Number of times those jokester Thai people told us that the place we were going was closed: 3
  • Number of times it actually was: 1
  • Time spent per person in Thai wrestling, er, : 1 hour
  • Price for this pummeling, per person: 300 baht
  • Number of taxis, sky train rides, and water taxi/ferry rides enjoyed per person: 13, 3, and 5
  • Modes of available transportation which we forsook: rental car, bus, and túk-túk
  • Number of afternoon naps: Jim: 3; Venitha: 2
  • Number of cameras and pictures taken: 2 and 197
  • Number of pictures-of-food and pictures-of-food-that-was-still-alive-and-kicking taken: 86 and 4

  • Number of dishes maxing out the Jim-and-Venitha-spicy-o-meter (Jim stops, Venitha cries): 2
  • Spiciest dish: soup
  • Yuckiest food: candied lotus root
  • Number of (spicy green papaya) salads consumed: 6
  • Number of alcoholic beverages enjoyed per person at very welcome un-Singaporean prices: 6
  • Happiest purchase: 10 baht mango shake from a street hawker just down the block from our hotel
  • Number of pineapples from hawkers consumed: 11
  • Number of Bexinor pills taken: 3
  • Number of used: 2
  • Worst of Bangkok: Jim: the way the con artists and hucksters make you suspicious of even a person nice enough to offer directions to an ugly American tourist in perfect English; Venitha: poor air quality
  • Best of Bangkok: Jim: the architecture; Venitha: the food
  • Number of ziploc bags of currency currently residing in our safe: 7
  • Next foreign destination: . Jim will travel here for work the first week in September. On this adventure, Jazz will be playing the role of Jim's moody sidekick who scarfs all the spicy food; the usual player will be busy auditioning for a new role: that of a working stiff.


Click here for a map that shows Singapore, Bangkok, and Shanghai. Click on the map to enlarge it.