Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Mother Nature: MacRitchie Resevoir
by venitha

We were astounded to find such a long and interesting hike so near to our city apartment. Singapore's MacRitchie Resevoir is a mere 10-minute and 65¢ bus ride straight up Thomson Rd. It was well worth the several damp and sweaty hours it took to circle the entire resevoir, on a path that ranges from sidewalks along the beach to boardwalks along the water to meandering trails through leafy glens to a treetop bridge above the rainforest.

MacRitchie provided our first swimming terrapins and frisky macaques. Much of the verdant vegetation is identified by convenient informative signs, but not this jackfruit tree. We spent some time suspiciously sniffing it, warily wondering if it might be durian, but some fellow hikers laughingly set us straight.