Singapore Adventure

Friday, July 22, 2005

Salad Dressing
by venitha

So maybe, just maybe, I'm starting to suffer some withdrawal from products available at home. I was thrilled - overjoyed! - JUBILANT! - to find the following, in a Fair Price supermarket.

My glee was hightened to near hysteria when I turned a bottle over and found the serving size specified in tablespoons along with a number of calories. There is a God! My delirious giggling scared other shoppers from the aisle. Even better - all for me!

I bought seven bottles, one of each kind that looked even remotely promising. Note that not one of these is a dressing that I would look twice at in the US. If I ever stumble onto a stash of Annie's dressings... good grief! I'll surely get to experience Singapore's version of the loony bin. Don't worry; I'll blog about it so you don't miss out.

Gretchen, my sister-in-law's sister, who will soon be in Singapore on an Asia tour, kindly offered to bring us something from home that we're missing. This generated a mouth-watering discussion between me and Jim about the various foods that we miss, most of which it would be impossible, or at least very messy, to put in a suitcase: Pulcinella's spinach pizza, falafel, cottage cheese...

Since I just hit the salad dressing lotto, we settled on tea. Celestial Seasonings Vanilla Hazelnut, to be exact. I know, I know, all the tea in China. Unfortunately, caffeine-free is literally a foreign concept. From the aisles upon aisles of tea in the supermarket, those that have found a place in my cupboard are from England, Germany, and - here's your geography lesson of the day in case you had so much eggnog last December that you missed the tsunami - .