Singapore Adventure

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Pre-Dawn Fort
by jima

We were up relatively early this morning (about 5am) due to jetlag. So we decided that getting out for a walk before it heated up for the day was a good idea. Our temporary apartment is about 1 block away from Fort Canning (NOT fort caning!) which is a park built around the colonial British fort (and probably the royal palace before that). Sunrise here is consistently about 6am, so our walk started in the dark.

As you can image, any park in this part of the world quickly get overgrown with lots of plants, trees, and all things green. The start of the walk was a bit intimidating (imagine walking into what. For us coloradoans seems like a jungle in the dark with no one around), it was very pretty. Some of the views back into the riverfront area were just fantastic.

But the best part, was the sound of the birds in the park as they woke up! All sorts of odd screeches and calls. Some of them sounded like they could have been monkeys (although I don't believe there are any in the park).

The walk was definitely a good way to get us up and moving in the morning. Unfortunately we did not think to take the camera. A mistake we will not make again!