Singapore Adventure

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Things we won't miss
by jima

We're in the midst of packing up now. The movers show up on Monday and it's now Saturday! We're in pretty good shape, but we've still got what seems to be a mountain of work to do before Monday!

As we've been going through our daily lives, we've both had several moments where we realized that this was a "last". Last time to see certain friends, last time to eat at a particular restaurant, last lazy Sunday morning walking Maggie over to get the paper; even down to counting out how many of particular food items we have to see if they will last or if we'll have too many! (yes, I know that's pretty geeky)

While some of these are somewhat sad, we've also spend some time thinking about things that we won't be so sad to leave behind. So, without further ado, here is a list of "Things We Won't Miss"

  • Shovelling snow Not much chance of us getting a snowstorm in Singapore!
  • Dry, itchy skin The humidity is usually pretty high - think Winconsin in August!
  • Yardwork We're probably going to live in a high-rise apartment
  • "W 04" bumper stickers Doesn't really need a clarification, does it?
  • NPR fundraisers We'll likely stream NPR over the web. We've been trying that out the last few weeks and it seems to work great!
  • Late night conference calls OK, these will be traded for early morning conference calls.
  • The tape player in our car It is just flakey enough to be annoying
  • Owning a car! We're both psyched at the prospect of two years with no cars of our own to fill with gas, pay insurance for, take in for oil changes...
  • Searching for places to park No car means no parking problems (of course it also means trying to catch a taxi in the rain, but that's another story)
  • Barky dog! An annoying and scary yellow lab who always accosts us on walks around the block.
  • Our phones Both our cellphone and our main home phone are just flakey enough to be annoying, but not bad enough to be replaced. Fun to think of how cosmopolitan we'll feel instant-messaging each other on our cellphones in Singapore on our ways home from work!