Singapore Adventure

Saturday, January 08, 2005

homeward bound
by jima

We're currently on our way home after a quite long and difficult week. We're in the Narita airport business lounge waiting for our flight to Seattle, taking advantage of the free wireless internet. We've taken advantage of the cool beer machine (just set the glass in it and it pours for you -complete with tilting the glass appropriately!)

We're both pretty well wiped out after the week of seeing WAY to many apartments to keep straight. Most of which had kitchens that made Venitha want to cry. (Quote from Venitha who is sitting next to me: "They would make you want to cry, too.")

The food was excellent, except that we made the mistake of trying out a durian at one of the hawker stands. I'll let Venitha describe her reaction to it, but I just have to wonder, who decided that this is food?

I'll sign off and let Venitha get her say....