Singapore Adventure

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Harpers On Departure Day
by venitha

Number of hours it takes to travel from Ft Collins to Singapore, door to door: 30
Number of flights segments for this trip: 3
Number of frequent flier miles earned (one-way, per person): 9419
Number of frequent flier miles spent upgrading to business class (one-way, per person): 30000
Number of bags we packed for the flight: 8
Number of bags with wheels: 4
Weight of heaviest bag: 59.5 lbs
Insured replacement value of our combined air and ocean shipments: US$47000
Number of good-bye phone calls received on our last day in the US: 5
Number of hours of sleep we enjoyed the night before our departure: 3
Number of hours of sleep we enjoyed the night after our arrival: 3
June 8 Ft Collins departure time: 5:35am
June 8 Ft Collins sunrise: 5:29am
June 8 Singapore sunrise: 6:57am
Number of layoffs the June 8 Coloradoan newspaper proposed for Venitha's group at Agilent: hundreds
Monthly rent at our temporary housing: S$6500 (~US$3900)
Titanium pieces in Venitha's leg: 1 plate, 5 screws
Number of times this metal was detected by airport security: 0 of 4
Number of days our Singapore departure was delayed because of Venitha's broken knee: 56
Number of Singapore-related books Venitha has read in the last three months: 24
Number of trips to Asia that Jim has made so far in 2005: 5
Number of new gray hairs on Jim's head so far in 2005: lots