Singapore Adventure

Friday, November 03, 2006

I Love This Bathroom
by venitha

"This bathroom is huge!" I gushed as I squeezed Colgate - alas, I am out of travel-sized Crest - onto my toothbrush.

"How do you really feel about it?" Jim responded from the comfort of the king-sized bed.

I love it.

I love the separate tub and shower. I love the big white bathrobes. I love the phone by the toilet. Hmmm... who to call... who to call...

I love the well-lit vanity and its generous counter space. I love the built-in shelving next to the sink and in the shower. I love the super magnifying shaving mirror. Well, actually, that mirror is kind of scary. Way too much information.

Best of all, though, I love the toilet. Check this out.
I love it all. A woman could live in this bathroom.

It wasn't til I was rinsing my toothbrush - God bless countries where I can drink the water from the tap - that I realized that the Grand Formosa Regent Taipei's bathroom is about the same size as my bathroom at home in Colorado, and the two share a lot of the same fabulous features, though of course we don't have that toilet. Yet. I made a mental note - not that I'm likely to need it - to thoroughly appreciate my glorious bathroom when we return home. For an entire day at least.


Jim lured me out of our hotel's bathroom this morning with goodies snitched from the hotel's breakfast buffet.

"Do you think there are weird... things this?" I eyed the yogurt with suspicion as some I bought at a 7-11 last night had one large mushy strawberry (pictured, though less mushily, on the container) and a dozen unnaturally-rectangular sticky chewy globs (not pictured, and a most unwelcome surprise).

"Doubtful. It's from Germany."

"God bless the Germans."

"Some of them especially."

As he left for work, he encouraged me to make the most of my day of leisure. "You should definitely try out that toilet. It's pretty cool. I'll warn you that I took all of my clothes off first, though."

"Ooh! How exciting!"

It took me most of the day to work up my courage to get bored with the rest of the bathroom, but I can now happily report that certain parts of me are cleaner than they've ever been before. Of note:
  • I prefer the easy-going "family"/shower setting - "family" as in you might still be able to have one if you stick with this mode. No "rhythm" for me, thanks; that was just a bit weird. The "bidet"/woman style is a very directed no-nonsense approach, which I love symbolically, but it's perhaps a bit much for a virgin like myself.
  • I really dislike the heated seat, and there does not, unfortunately, appear to be a way to get the water without the hot seat. A serious design flaw, in my admittedly-uneducated opinion.
  • I did not undress completely, preferring to - here's a concept, Jim - just sit on the toilet.