Singapore Adventure

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ode to the
by venitha


"Do you have a little dong?" Andrea asks me as she returns from the 's restroom, where there is apparently a little charge.

"Yeah, but maybe you want to ask the guys."


"Can you pay for this?" Jim asks as we climb into an Old Quarter cyclo. "I've got no dong."


Outside a Hanoi ATM, Brian surveys the boss: "How much dong you gonna need tonight, baby?"


Jim puts some serious thought into it when I ask for his Vietnamese food impression. "I appreciate the challenge food. Dog meat and weasel coffee? Very creative. And that 15-dong soup Brian had? Whoa."

For the record, no way am I eating dog meat, we all loved the weasel coffee, and Brian thoroughly enjoyed his 15-dong soup.


Andrea is extraordinarily kind when the third atrocious singer finishes her third atrocious song. "They need an editor."

Jim is not so kind. "They need Chuck Barris and a gong."

Gong, dong, close enough. And truly, if I manage to save anyone's dong from exposure to Hanoi's Central Circus, it's well worth the thematic departure. Seriously, stick to the .