Singapore Adventure

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day Durian
by venitha

It's ba-aack.

One step inside the basement of United Square, and you know: durian season has returned. And just in time for Mother's Day, too!

I wander past stall after stall of tempting holiday goodies in search of the scent that overpowers it all, permeating the entire building. At the end of a row of marinated pork buns, salt-baked chicken, gooey , and [pictured], I find the culprit: durian desserts.

And not just any old durian tasties. These are clearly labeled 100% pure, because God and Mother forbid they taint your durian. On offer: durian puffs, durian pudding, durian cake, durian crepes, durian swiss rolls [pictured], durian pancakes, durian steamed egg cake, and durian muchis [pictured].

Muchis? Hmmm... enquiring minds want to know.

"What are muchis made of?"


"Rice flour?"




Somehow I managed to resist temptation, though my thoughts turned immediately to durian goodies when we decided to throw a Mother's Day supper party. Fortunately, two different guests somehow read my mind. They offered to bring dessert.

Happy Mother's Day and a big squishy durian muchi to all the mothers out there, especially Mom, Marilyn, Val, Dawn, Vadrian, and Karen. I love you!